Oleksiy Ivanenko

My parents wanted me to be a dentist.

But when time came to make a choice I wasn't really enthusiastic about curing people, especially by looking into their mouths every day.

At that time computers just became available for wide public and everybody around was excited about them and the Internet. In one day I understood that I want to learn everything about these things.

Now I'm a software engineer, passionate about programming, web and distributed systems. I'm really happy that I have decided to be a technical guy.

My favorite programming language is Python, also I'm interested in JavaScript and C++. Currently, I'm employed by Epam systems in Krakow, Poland.

If you want to contact me, please write an email. I'm always open to new horizons and possibilities so if you want me to participate in your project or maybe hire me — please drop me a mail and we will discuss it.

PS. Sorry if you were looking for a dentist. But, as a compensation, I have a great recommendation for you in case you are in Kyiv.

Best regards, Oleksiy

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